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Boost your college course grades to the top by working on essay preparation research together with friends.

Your first step to essay writing success is to get some friends! This should be fairly easy and hopefully you will choose bright keen learners as friends!

The next step to essay writing success is to form a study group with those friends and start to generate powerful study synergy.

If you choose group members carefully you will all develop higher essay writing grades by working together and helping each other.

There's no hidden cost to this college essay writing method. Making synergy depends entirely on your ability to work well with other people.

Essay Writing Synergy

The focus of this page is the 12 Steps Essay Wring Method. Each of the 12 steps has a purpose and no step should be skipped over.

You may think that step one is unnecessary but my experience as a tutor is that about 5% of college students get this wrong and consequently receive a low essay grade.

1 understand the essay purpose
2 attend the 1st study group meeting
3 do content research reading
4 make topic research notes
5 discuss the research notes
6 create the essay outline
7 write the 1st draft essay
8 add examples & illustrations
9 revise and improve
10 make essay-as-art check
11 check the essay citations
12 proof check & format pages

Study Synergy

Your study group is where you generate essay synergy in the form of high quality topic background research, a wider range of relevant citations, and a group-developed essay outline.

Group Meetings

There are 2 group meetings for every essay assignment. At the 1st meeting you discuss the essay topic and agree how to spread the essay background research reading.

At the 2nd meeting you discuss your research and work together to prepare a draft essay outline.

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