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Essay Balance

An A1 academic essay is more than just the reporting of facts and opinions that answer a set question. It will also be pleasing to see and balanced in an artistic way.

The paragraphs need to be approximately the same size so if one paragraph is too large there may be two or more ideas in it that need to be split and placed in separate paragraphs.

The other items that require balance are the illustrations, examples, and citations. There should be just sufficient citation and example support to strengthen your argument and to clarify complex points.


Make sure that you have balanced the number of words used for each main point you make. Your academic essay will be unbalanced if you use 300 words for one point and only 100 words for a second equally important point.


Your examples and citation 'props' should be short and roughly the same size. They should also be spaced evenly in the essay writing which helps to maintain essay balance.

Your tutor may assume that you didn't research some points if s/he sees several 'props' in the first half of the academic essay but none in the second half!

Final Checks

Spelling and grammar errors can be found by a computer software grammar checker such as Grammerly.

Grammerly essay checker software will highlight your essay typos and grammar errors but your ideas and the way you have expressed them should be checked by someone who has native speaker level English.