College A1 Essay Writing

Knowing how to write reports and essays is an important skill for successful college level study. The essay writing method posted here helps students to earn higher grades by generating a wider range of essay content using small informal study groups

The Study Group

If you are new to this method of cooperative study you need to first join an existing student study group. It's important that the members in your group are reliable, reasonably bright and diligent. Try to avoid study groups that are excessively social in nature. It's certainly important to have a relaxing social life at college but your study group meetings are work focused and not intended for social activity

Group Meeting

You will probably have two study group meetings for each major assignment. At the 1st group meeting you will discuss the essay or report topic and agree with the group members how to spread the essay background research reading between you. At the 2nd meeting you will discuss your research notes and work together to prepare a common draft essay outline

Group Size

In passing I should mention that the ideal size for a your study group is 3-4 members. Fewer than 3 members will not spread the background reading work enough and a larger study group will fragment into smaller sub-groups during group discussion. My experience is that a study group with 4 members works well

2 First Essay Meeting

3 Essay Writing Outline

4 Essay Personalizing

5 Essay Writing As Art

Cornell Note Method

Effective essay and report writing is important for college success but its also important to write brief effective lecture notes. This important study skill is well covered by Dr. Walter Pauk's Cornell note template method. Check it out below if you're not already familiar with the Cornell lecture note template method

Cornell Note Template Method

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