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Towards a Cosmic Paradigm

UFO Reports

There are so many reports of unidentified airborne objects (UFOs) that the question is not whether they exist but rather what they are. Some sighting are probably Earth-made experimental machines back engineered from downed ET craft but others are more likely genuine cosmic visitor craft

Crop Circles

Some crop circles are beautifully shaped designs and although a few are the work of slightly mischievous hoaxsters using planks or digital image manipulation software many appear as genuine phenomena. Some crop circle shapes seem to be a form of communication and the geometric shapes may have symbolic meaning. Unfortunately the use of psychological warfare against people means we can't be certain that it was ETs who made the genuine crop circles

crop circle

Click the above crop circle image to hear Galen Drapeau's explanation of the message which starts at the 1:47 hours point in The Star People video. Notice the large number of smaller circles in the outer ring as Galen explains the meaning

Cosmic Perspective

A recurring message from our visitors is that human spiritual development on Earth is retarded by egoistic behaviour, greed, and organised religion. We need to place more emphasis on our spiritual development in order to experience better health and awareness of a spiritual dimension

One important benefit of cosmic visitor thinking is that it opens us to new possibilities and a wider perspective of our place on Earth as just a fraction of the life in the wider cosmos

Spiritual Development

By applying Immanuel Kant's Moral Law to universalize the 'me first' aspect of competitive egoism we see a rather familiar but undesirable outcome where everyone sees success and self adulation as highly important

On the other hand if we universalize love and higher level thinking we discover a far more attractive and beneficial outcome for everyone ... including our cosmic helpers

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