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Hello. My name is James

I'm a retired tutor who lives in the top part of the New Zealand North island with my wife. My interests include spirituality, eschatology, and what some people refer to as 'the end times'. If you are interested in those topics there's more at On this site we focus on Yanimon's Garden

We have a few images of our plants and a very small range that we offer for sale to NZ buyers. This is not a commercial site and we offer only the best of our surplus plants to people who have similar interests to ours


As Webmaster I use Google advertising to help offset our site costs. These links are marked 'Advertisement' so you know that I may receive a small payment from the sponsor if you spend a few minutes browsing the linked site. If a linked site looks interesting and you browse the product, or even if make a purchase, there is no additional cost to you


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