How to Cruise Through College

Cruising Through College

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Admission Essay

First you need to discover the most suitable college, then you need to gain admission. In your short admission SOP essay you need to express your voice, avoid irrelevant content and show why you should be accepted as a student.

Study in College

Serious college students will need to expand their learning skills. A copy of 'How to Study in College' is helpful but there are other similar textbooks that may be cheaper so check your options which will include buying the latest or a cheaper early edition, renting one, or getting a Kindle edition.

A1 Essay Writing

Upgrading your essay writing skill will give a fast payback in terms of course A1 grades and high GPA scores. On this site I show how working with 3 bright student friends can develop grade enhancing essay writing synergy.

Cornell Study Notes

When you’re looking for Cornell Study Notes information you can search through Dr. Pauk’s How to Study in College textbook and find plenty, but if Cornell Notes are new to you take a look at my Cornell Notes summary page for the basics.

Essays as Art

You probably put a lot of effort into essay writing but an A1 grade academic essay requires more than just answering a set question. If you want top A1 essay college grades you need to review the art in your essay writing!

Bad Breath Problem!

Busy students have plenty to do with lectures to attend and prep for tutorials and seminars so it's not surprising that there's not much time for cleaning teeth and oral hygiene. If you think you have halitosis (bad breath) try this Pro-Dental remedy.

Staying Healthy!

The last problem busy students need is a bout of sickness! It’s smart to avoid sickness. Get a decent amount of sleep, avoid late nights, eat sensibly, and use Pro-Dental oral defense to help protect yourself against throat infection and colds.

Avoiding Weight Gain

Students running on a tight budget are not likely to get excessively fat but if you are putting on weight there are several benefits to returning to a slim and lean shape. Your health is likely to be good, you save on food costs, and you’ll have plenty of energy. © 2015.   SitemapAuthoritarianism Author