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Yanimon's NZ Garden

Yanimon's Garden is focused on growing healthy plants and shrubs. It's not a commercial enterprise. It's not even a business enterprise. Rather it is Yanimon and James working together to create a natural garden and then sharing some of that with others who may be interested

We are located in central Northland in New Zealand where the climate is generally sub-tropical. People joke and say that Northland is the, 'Winterless North', but we can assure you that it gets as wintry up here as it does elsewhere in New Zealand. We have many cold nights and white frosts during July and August every year

Moringa Oleifera

We have small Moringa Oleifera shrubs for sale. Moringa Oleifera is a good source of natural minerals and it does have health benefits, but it's probably not the miraculous plant that some over-hyped Internet pages suggest

The health benefit depends largely on the degree of sunshine exposure the plant receives during the growth phase, the quality of the water it gets, the soil richness, and the freshness of the harvested leaves

Yanimon's Moringa top

More To Come

There are other plants in Yanimon's NZ Garden that readers are sure to like, but it'll take a month or so for us to get them listed online, so call back now and then and see what else we have added to our plants list

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