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Yanimon's NZ Garden

Yanimon's Garden is focused on growing healthy plants and shrubs. Yanimon and James work like to create a natural garden setting and then share some of that with others who may want to buy one or two of our products for their own garden

We are located in central Northland in New Zealand where the climate is generally sub-tropical. People joke and say that we are in the 'Winterless North' but I can assure you that it gets cold here just as it does elsewhere in during Winter

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June 2019: Our store is closed at present but chickpea seedlings are in the nursery along with NZ spinach, and soy beans. These should all be available for planting out by mid-August. Everything seems to be in slow hibernation mode at present but plants will come alive as soon as the soil warms up so maybe visit us again during August

James | Yanimon's Garden James at Yanimon's NZ Garden

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