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Healthy Bacteria

Emerging research suggests that we need to be in a natural 'green' environment to get more health benefit from natural bacteria.

Freshly harvested organic green food provides vital minerals and enzymes for a healthy body but new research suggests that extremely clean and highly processed food is not as good for us as we may have thought.

Fresh food that is excessively clean or treated with preservatives will probably have lost billions of protective 'white hat' micro-organisms that could help our health.

Vital Minerals

A healthy diet will provide most of the vitamins we need for maintaining good health but busy people who prefer fast food or who are not able to get fresh organic vegetables several times a day will probably need a daily vitamin supplement to avoid sickness. If you need an online source Bronson Vitamins is well known and a trusted supplier.

BLIS K12 Probiotics

An example of harnessed 'white hat' bacteria is Natural BLIS Probiotic Advantage Oral Sinus lozenges. These probiotic lozenges contain freeze-dried bacteria that help to kill 'black hat' oral micro-organisms that enter our nose or mouth and cause sickness.

BLIS probiotic helps kill 'black hat' oral micro-organisms!

BLIS Probiotic Advantage Oral Sinus lozenges also assist our natural immune system which is an added benefit. Regular users can expect to experience fewer winter colds, reduce sinus congestion, and improved respiratory health. BLIS Probiotic Advantage Oral Sinus lozenges are also good for children. The BLIS 'k12' reduces recurring problems such as child middle ear infection.